YAKIMA / WHISPBAR Rail Bar System (Complete)

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Premium roof rack system to fit cars with raised roof railings. Locks included.

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For vehicles that feature raised factory side rails, the Rail Bar is the premium choice.

This bar gives you all the aerodynamic performance and aesthetics of the Flush Bar while being the easiest bar to install on the market.

Set includes mounts, aerodynamic aluminium bars, and locks for added security.


Simple, clamp-on installation. No adapter fitting kit required.

Streamline aerofoil wing-like bar shape, PerformaRidge™ design and the PerformaFill™ technology put a premium on performance. The result is a quiet, fuel-efficient ride that lasts for years and exceeds even the most discerning standards.


Windtunnel testing drove the development of the Whispbar’s unique shape to achieve the lowest drag possible.

The SmartFill®, as its name would suggest, include soft rubber strips that can be pushed down into the channels when you mount accessories and regains its shape when the accessory is removed so you don't have to cut or trim them as you would with other slotted crossbars.


Includes SKS lock cores that lock the rack to your roof to prevent theft of the rack by ensuring that the bars cannot be detached from your vehicle.

Whispbar was snapped up by the IF awards team, going on to gain entry to this prestigious design award for advanced products.

It is the only roof rack ever to have won this award since it's inaugeration in 1953.


Load Capacity: Maximum 75 kg (Please also check the maximum roof load capacity of your vehicle).

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