MOBICOOL U-15 Thermo-Electric Cooler / Warmer

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An ideal, mid size cooler / warmer (15 litres) that can be powered off a 12v car cigarette lighter.

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When you are out on your camping trip or a long drive having a MOBICOOL U-15 mobile cooler is definitely the way to go.

It is an ideal, mid size cooler box that can be powered off a DC 12v car cigarette lighter.

Thanks to its slim size, the MOBICOOL U-15 is one of the easiest to store in the cabin or fits perfectly behind the front passenger seat.


High quality foam core insulation and two-way ventilation system for fast cold distribution to cool up to 16°C below ambient temperature.

Suitable for storage of food, drinks, fruits and snacks.


Specially designed carrier handle serves as a lid support or lock.

Power cord built in lid for neat and easy storage.


Capacity: 15 litres.

Weight: Approximately 3.2 kg.

Voltage: DC 12 volt.