WAECO TB-15 BordBar Thermo-Electric Cooler / Warmer

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The BordBar TB-15 (15 litres), a compact thermo-electric cooler / warmer ideal for use in cars.

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What was formerly reserved for luxury automobiles is now affordable for everyone with the WAECO BordBar TB-15 cooler/warmer.

The WAECO BordBar TB-15 provides drivers and passengers with cool snacks and drinks, and they can even keep hamburgers and chips warm.

Specially designed and shaped to be placed in the centre of the back seat of a car, and as such can be used as a permanant beverage and snack cooler in your vehicle.

The innovative WAECO BordBar TB-15 Cool Box can then also be doubled up for use as an armrest for two rear seat passengers.


The BordBar TB-15 is powered using a 12v cigar lighter style socket.

It is capable to cool to 20°C below ambient temperature or heat to a maximum of 65°C.

At a good 15 litres, the BordBar TB-15 provides an amazing amount of space.

The storage of 1.5 or 2 litre plastic bottles is no problem.


The onboard Active Battery Security system protects your vehicle against a dead battery.

External & Internal dimensions in millimeter (mm).


Dimensions: (L)462 x (W)282 x (H)328 mm.

Weight: Approximately 5.2 kg.

Power Input: Approximately 47 watts.