WAECO CF-50 Compressor Cooler

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The CF-50 (49 litres), featuring Danfoss compressor, keeps your food and drinks cold or frozen, even in the blistering heat.

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The WAECO CoolFreeze CF-50 is a portable premium compressor cooler box by WAECO for refrigeration and deep-freezing with CF special electronics.

It is ideal for use in cars, trucks, yachts or boats, and at home.

Made from insulating material to help reduce the power consumption.

The Danfoss BDF compressor ensures extraordinary performance for both normal refrigeration and deep freezing, minimal energy consumption, and superbly silent running.


Equipped with a special electronic system that controls, besides the standard functions, a variety of valuable extra functions.

The temperature is variable in a range between +10°C and -18°C. Thanks to the memory function, the carefully pre-set parameters won't get lost in case of a system restart.

The CoolFreeze CF-50 operates from 12v-24v DC and 100-240v AC.

Onboard a 3-stage battery monitor system to protect your vehicle against a dead battery.


The CoolFreeze CF-50 is easy to transport and features optimized dimensions.

Other quality features include digital display, interior light, removable wire basket, interior temperature display, status and error indication, and detachable carrying handles.

Dimensions: (W)630 x (H)480 x (D)360 mm.

Weight: Approximately 18 kg.

Power Input: Approximately 45 watts.

Power Consumption: 0.56 Ah/h @ +20°C ambient temperature, 0.71 Ah/h @ +32°C ambient temperature, both @ +5°C interior temperature.