WAECO CF-26 Compressor Cooler

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The CF-26 (21.5 litres), keeps your food and drinks cold or frozen, even in the blistering heat.

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The newly designed WAECO CoolFreeze CF-26 is a portable premium compressor cooler box for refrigeration and deep-freezing with CF special electronics.

Robust & sturdy for travelling in all ambient conditions, it is ideal for use in cars, trucks, yachts or boats, and at home.

Due to the use of a new, compact compressor, the CF-26 is now even lighter and the super-slim design means it will fit any narrow gap or niche perfectly.


The CF-26 provides excellent performance with refrigeration and deep-freezing between +10°C and -18°C with minimal power consumption, regardless of the outside temperature.

The CF-26 operates from 12v-24v DC and 100-240v AC.

Onboard a 3-stage battery monitor system to protect your vehicle against a dead battery.


The CF-26 has an Energy Efficiency Class A++ featuring an electronic digital thermostat with a really nice updated temperature display.

Energy-efficient interior LED light.

Other qulity features include Lift-out wire basket, can operate with a tilt angle of up to 45°, and suitable for solar operation.


External & Internal dimensions in millimeter (mm).

Dimensions: (W)550 x (H)425 x (D)260 mm.

Weight: Approximately 10.50 kg.

Power Input: Approximately 35 watts.

Power Consumption: 0.44 Ah/h @ +20°C ambient temperature, 0.67 Ah/h @ +32°C ambient temperature, both @ +5°C interior temperature.