WAECO CF-16 Compressor Cooler

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The CF-16 (15 litres), is astonishingly lightweight and just as easy to handle as a thermo-electric cooler.

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The WAECO CoolFreeze CF-16 is perfect in terms of space and performance thanks to its new compact compressor, it is now even lighter and the super-slim design means it will fit any narrow gap or niche perfectly.

With a 15 litre capacity, the smart WAECO CoolFreeze CF-16 is just the right size to hold everything you need, including 2 x1 litre bottles upright.


Offers reliable cooling with one-degree accuracy in a temperature range between +10 and -18°C.

Comes ready for connection to DC 12/24 volts and AC 100-240 volts.

Like all members of the WAECO CF family the CoolFreeze CF-16 has minimal energy consumption.

The WAECO CoolFreeze CF-16 has special electronics with a digital display for easy ready and setting of the cooler temperature.

A three-stage battery guard which ensures the engine is always ready to start.


Another practical feature of the CF-16 is the detachable lid, making it much easier to load the cooler/freezer box.

The standard LED interior light also makes food and drink easier to see when it’s getting dark, or in low light.


Easy handling thanks to the integrated grips.

The WAECO CoolFreeze CF-16 is ideal for use in cars, trucks, yachts or boats, and at home.


External & Internal dimensions in millimeter (mm).

Dimensions: (W)260 x (H)367 x (D)550 mm.

Weight: Approximately 15 kg.

Power Input: Approximately 45 watts.

Power Consumption: 0.56 Ah/h @ +20°C ambient temperature, 0.71 Ah/h @ +32°C ambient temperature, both @ +5°C interior temperature.