WAECO CDF-18 Compressor Cooler

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The CDF-18 (18 litres), a high performance compressor cooler at a low price.

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With a 18 litre capacity the WAECO CDF-18 is a portable high performance compressor cooler at a low price.

Refrigeration and deep-freezing from +10°C to –18°C with minimal power consumption, regardless of the outside temperature.

The WAECO CDF-18 has a vertical space for standing 2-litres bottles.

Thanks to the reinforced insulation, running times were, once again, significantly reduced, which is why the WAECO CDF-18 is aptly refereed to as the 'energy saver'.


THE WAECO CDF-18 runs from 12V-24V supplies and operating between +10°C and -18°C.

Featuring Low-Voltage Protection system to protect your vehicle against a dead battery.

With a full 18 litre capacity at an empty weight of only 11.5 kg, the WAECO CDF-18 is suited to drivers and others who want to be sure of keeping things cool whatever the ambient temperature.

Despite its power it is still compact and easily transportable with the sturdy carry handle.


With the CDF-18, WAECO has successfully designed a unit of a truly portable cooler freezer. This ultra compact compressor cooler combines all the benefits of reliable and powerful cooling.

Other quality features include detachable fold-up lid, compressor with integrated control electronics.

Dimensions: (W)300 x (H)414 x (D)465 mm.

Weight: Approximately 11.5 kg.

Input Voltage: 12 / 24 volt DC.

Power Input: Approximately 35 watts.

Power Consumption: 0.38 Ah/h @ +20°C ambient temperature, 0.64 Ah/h @ +32°C ambient temperature, both @ +5°C interior temperature.