WAECO CDF-11 Compressor Cooler

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The CDF-11 (10.5 litres), is the smallest compressor cooler on the market.

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With a 10.5 litre capacity the WAECO CDF-11 portable fridge is the smallest compressor cooler available anywhere.

Refrigeration and deep-freezing from +10°C to –18°C with minimal power consumption, regardless of the outside temperature.

Only 235mm wide, it fits into gaps and compartments, even in tight cabins or between the seats.

Two integrated drink holders which make it a practical companion outside the vehicle as well.


Lightweight at just 8.8kg and easy to carry with the shoulder strap you can take the WAECO CDF-11 absolutely anywhere.

The integrated electronic thermostat is steplessly adjustable and the digital temperature display is exact to the degree while the integrated 12 and 24 volt connector means any vehicle can supply the required power.

The WACO CDF-11 has a small dairy section for storing fruit or food and space for 1.25 litre bottles standing up.

It is equipped with a 3-stage battery monitor system to protect your vehicle against a dead battery.


The deep-freeze capable WAECO CDF-11 is a small technical miracle. Fully fledge compressor technology in a space this small - it sounds incredible.

Other quality features include LED interior light, easy and safe fastening with the vehicle seat belt.

Dimensions: (W)235 x (H)358 x (D)540 mm.

Weight: Approximately 8.8 kg.

Input Voltage: 12 / 24 volt DC.

Power Input: Approximately 30 watts.

Power Consumption: 0.36 kWh/24h.