INNO 55 Roof Box

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Functional, aerodynamic and ultra low profile.

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Aerodynamic and low profile design giving your vehicle a stylish/elegant appearance and creating a superior noise reduction.

Open edge design maximizes storage capacity from corner to corner.

Amplified 300 litres capacity.


Diffuser design for quieter drive and better fuel economy.

Durable composite 3-layer ABS plastic lid gives the roof box a finish that is glossy and UV resistant.


SPM base provides uniform thickness throughout, up to 50% stronger than conventional vacuum forming.

User friendly locking mechanism for single handed opening.


The newly developed Easy Mount system enables mounting onto aerodynamic bars as well as square bars.

FTwo-level adjustment matching the shape of the aerodynamic bars or sqaure bars provides good support.

Oversized hand knob enables a more secure tighening.

Cargo is securely fastened while driving, thanks to the included cargo straps.


Available in Glossy White.

Watch the introductory video.


Volume: 300 litres.

External Dimensions: 200(L) x 83(W) x 31.5(H) cm (Height From Cross Bar: 28 cm).

Internal Dimensions: 183(L) cm.

Load Capacity: 50 kg.

Product Weight: 15.5 kg.